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Blackberry mobile computing

I downloaded and application to my blackberry for mobile computing, but I am having a difficult time connecting to my desktop as the tech support personnel at RealVNC says I need to configure my network to accept incoming connection for authentication. The program work successfully the first two attempts, then failed afterwards. My host address is and I provided my sign in password and there is a field stating direct TCP as the connection process. I have not intentionally changed any settings, but somehow they do not match the necessary parameters required by realvnc as they state to me to make sure the host address is correct as well as the host address is accessible through the network. I am awaiting them to give me their gateway address, as the one that was in my VPN connection field was for another program ( gate0.rdmplus.com, which is not theirs. I have desktop sharing enable for all incoming connections, but something is still not entered right. My teamviewer set up for Linux work perfectly and I have no firewall set up in Linux so there should be no exception to alow realvnc not to connect.:S


  • mfillpot
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    Have you confirmed that your vnc server instances are running correctly and that you can connect to them from other computers running both inside and outside of your network?
  • Thank you for your answer, but now I face a more damaging situation. I was directed to check my firewall, which I had the KDEfirewall program, and when I engaged it to see if their was any exception, it totally F'ed up my network to the extent that everything went south of the boarder. My entire network is disabled and when I click onto my software center or most of my desktop icons, nothing opens up, not even my synaptic manger or terminal window. I am able to go to my guess window to try and perform repairs, but now I have no network manager icon to click onto and connect my network again. So my blackberry and vpn situation is entirely on hold. This kde firewall program screwed my system before and they knew to scrap the whole thing, as it clearly states dangerous warnings if you attempt to use it, causing unknown system corruptions. I wll let you know my updates when I stabilize my distribution. Trying to run my full install CD to access the repositories..John:angry:
  • mfillpot
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    I do not quite understand how the "KDEfirewall" was able to takeout your network settings, I recommend trying to use wicd as your network manager, it should fix your issue.
  • During my first installation of Linux I was interested in security and selected kdefirewall and when I open it, it said that it was basically an untested program and use extreme caution as it might alter your computer's configurations, but I proceeded to try it and the results of that attempt screwed my settings and I had to do a complete re-installation of my 9.10 set up. I only went recently to try it again, as I was told to see what configurations were at my firewall, which may have been blocking access of the vnc Plus, desktop sharing program design for Linux so I could access my desktop remotely via my Blackberry device. After seeing the current warning message to try this program at your own risk and I change no settings with in it, but only to exit the program. When I exited it, a message stated that a reboot is required, and at that reboot, a message stated that updates are being installed..After it booted back up, the network Manager icon showed network disconnected and if I tried to click onto my desktop Icons, nothing happen. To make this story short, I tried recovery and finally I had to boot to safe mode, which allowed me to have some control of my environment, but it would not let me install / re-install anything with in my synaptic manager. I was told to delete my current network manager and reinstall it, but it denied me root access, even when I did "su " in my terminal command as well as in my ubuntu software center. I had to make the decision to do a clean install, cause it would not allow me to use the start up disk / repair disk I had. I run a dual boot Windows 7 and and Linux set up on the same drive and I use share folders to access my windows OS across the platform for certain files which will open in Linux environment [ pictures, documents, etc. ]. Sense I have them on a separate partisan, I decided to delete the partisan that Linux was on and start over, but when that process was done, it removed my Boot Manager and stated Grub has an error. I could not re install my bootmgr even using my windows 7 repair disk, so I was left with a total disastrous situation and had to do a hold complete system install of windows 7. I had my backup in place, so i was able to retain my programs, but this has been pure hell, and I now know to put linux on it's own drive separately. You live and you learn.....John
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    i recommend VNC Viewer http://-net-vnc-viewer.en.softonic.com/pocketpc

    Good luck


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