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Sendmail scripting - amending subjects of emails



I am using a .pl script with sendmail to complete the task: Copy inbound mail to disk for parsing into DB system before forwarding onto a different recipient address...


use strict;
use warnings;

open(OUTFILE, ">/maildump/" . $ARGV[0] . "/message" . "$$" . "$^T" . int(rand(100)) . ".eml");

while (<STDIN>) {
print OUTFILE;


What I would like to do is to amend the subject lines for emails being delivered into Sendmail from external sources/mail servers.

For the amended subjects I want to prefix them with "LM:".. example... Original Subject = Hello World, New subject = LM: Hello World.

Anyone have any ideas?


  • spixx
    spixx Posts: 9
    One way to add content to emails via Sendmails is via milters for instance https://www.milter.org/milters/disclaimer/alphabetical/1 if you need some Content editing possibilties. To be exact you can add a header that your script triggers on. I suggest checking out the site since they can both append information in the mailheader (eg users will not see it) or editing any part of the email.


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