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Squid Transparent Proxy

johnvinsonjohnvinson Posts: 1
edited December 2017 in Software

Hi Everyone,

I have setup a proxy server with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server as os, the proxy server is running okay base on basic configuration, what I would like to achiev is to run it as transparent, the following describe my setup:


4gb Memory

60gb SSD

AMD 3.3Ghz quad core

Single nic (10/100/1000 speed)



Ubuntu 16.04LTS Server

Squid 3.5.12


Running (non-transparent mode)



DSL ->      I       -> clients

             Squid (same subnet with router)

I learn linux along the way of installing the OS and squid, basically I am very newbie please allow your instruction to be super newbie understandable.

Thank you very much.

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