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New to Linux. Which one?

Ok, so I am finally getting annoyed with with windows, can't afford anything by Apple, so i decided to give Linux a whirl. However there were many different options to choose from, and i had no idea where to start or what to download. For the most part i use my computer for homework purposes, ie writing term papers/ browsing the web. As well as media veiwing/ presenting Power points(or whatever the Linux equivalent is). So I guess my question is, which one should i download?

Also, can you dual boot with Linux and windows? There are some programs for example, Adobe Premier, that that i would like to keep.

Thanks in advanced,



  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    As a new user I recommend trying Ubuntu or Linux Mint, Mint would be best for you because it has the media codecs.

    Yes you can dual-boot Linux and windows, you only need to repartition your HD to leave some space for Linux partitions, the installer for your selected distro should auto-detect the windows installation and configure your bootloader for you.
  • Jain
    Jain Posts: 2
    As you are new to linux you can use Ubuntu. Its good and easy to use and easy to learn. You can find plenty of help on the web.

    Swapni Jain, Indore
  • woboyle
    woboyle Posts: 501
    You can install Ubuntu in a virtual disc in your Windows file system so you don't have to repartition your hard drive, then it will happily dual boot so you can run whichever one you want. Alternatively, you can install a virtual machine manager on Windows, such as VirtualBox, and run Linux in a virtual machine (concurrently with Windows) to try it out. I run Windows in a virtual machine that way on my Linux box, so that works either way.
  • Try ubuntu, linux mint, or fedora. You can dual boot with all three distros.
  • Also, try super OS based on ubuntu, and zorin 4 which uses the same theme from vista.
  • roobal
    roobal Posts: 25
    I recommend also to try Sabayon Linux, it has also codecs and other things by defualt, the same like Mint ;)


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