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I have a HP pavilion 7dv / windows vista .. i made a 10 GB partition for ubuntu 10.10 then went on

.ubuntu.com and installed it with out having a livecd .. directly from the site onto my HP Laptob/10 GB partition .

after the instalation everything was perfect .. i was able to use both vista/ubuntu .

after few mints a scren poped up saying i have to update my ubuntu . so i clicked next

and then it asked me again something about Grub and i said next .. after the instaltion it asked me to restart ..

and when it turn back on thats the masseg i got .. and i could not do anything after that .. i can't even go to my hp recovery f11

error : no such device: 4435060f-c549-4d82-96c3-f22c4c44825f8

Pleas HELP !


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    What part of the boot process is displaying the error message you received and can you post any other error message you received here?
  • astromech_kuhns
    Also, if nothing works, you could always repair the boot with a windows 7 CD. more info will be needed to help you out, but if there is a problem with the ubuntu installation and its non recoverable, you can use Gparted or your win7 disc to delete the ubuntu partition and then put in win7 disc and hit repair recovery. you could then do a WUBI install or retry a dual boot. that is, if the ubuntu system is non recoverable. although, possibly just a MBR problem. if it wasnt installed properly.


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