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Newbi needs Linux help...

Hello everyone... Im completely new to Linux, but I have had an interest in it since high school freshman year of 2007. I just recently downloaded the 10.10 Meerkat Maverick desktop edition distro. I love the setup of the desktop. Im still currently learning new things every time I use Ubuntu. My question or questions are : Where can i get better help for Compiz? Im tryin to fully customize the desktop but i keep running into issues. I got the cube thing down a little, but Im trying to get compiz fusion with all the extra options but thats where im stuck. What advice can u more seasoned ubuntu users can give me about setting up security for my system. I need u guys to point me in the right direction where I can learn the basics and eventually the more advanced stuff. I will be goin to college for Network Security through UAT. Later on once I start my core clases I will be learning about Linux. So any advice that could get me ahead of the game would be nice. SEE YA SOON...


  • mfillpot
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    1. The best place to find documentation for compiz is at http://www.dba-oracle.com/oracle_tips_db_copy.htm, you should be able to find all documentation necessary to accomplish your goal.

    2. If your focus is network security first I recommend reading the manual for tools like iptables, nmap, snort and squid to understand their uses potential configurations. Will your focus be on how to reinforce linux based systems or use Linux based systems to reinforce a network?
  • I think it will be a combination of both actually. Im not totally sure yet though.
  • mfillpot
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    signet wrote:
    I think it will be a combination of both actually. Im not totally sure yet though.

    The best way to start understanding security to to start with filesystem permissions and available security modules to allow escalation of rights (sudo, pam, etc...), then move onto seLinux for advanced file permissions.

    The basis behind looking at local file permissions is if your local permissions are solid enough then even one who has obtained local access still cannot easily access anything that can cause damage.

    Then move onto understanding how various applications communicate with the network and how to reinforce and monitor those apps.

    Last move into security based network services (ids servers, proxy servers and advanced network routing) and advanced firewall configurations .

    Many will recommend looking at hacking tools and hackable OSs, I recommend against this because that experience is meaningless if you do not have a good understanding of how those are capable of compromising a system and how to protect against them.
  • THANKXZ ill check out more of her vidz tooo..
  • Thanks for the advice. I guess ill get busy reading about filesystem permissions and security modules. Im sure ill have more questions soon.
  • Can you give a detailed explanation of the issues you have with compiz fusion?


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