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Quitting Ubuntu

Hi everyone, Lately I've been getting tired of Ubuntu and its instability. With the constant updates that will often break the system so I was wanting to move onto some other Linux distro. I know some basics so a little bit more working in the command line would not bother me (except for compiling sources, still haven't got that down yet). I was thinking about using Mepis which I've heard is a really good one for beginners; and it still uses apt I think, which I've gotten used to.

If there are any other suggestions that you think would be better or you have your own recommendations just tell me about them.

Thanks for any help.


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    I have also heard good things about mepis, so it would to give it a try.

    I personally gave up on the apt-like systems and auto-dependency resolution long ago because I felt I was not in control of the system, and in those case when you are not in control you cannot obtain the stability that I expect. If you like apt-get you can also check out debian, which is the base for ubuntu, but from what I heard if you use the official sources it is pretty stable.
  • You can also try, Fedora, Linux Mint, Xubuntu and Antiux. Antiux and is based off of mepis, low on system resources and quite simple to use.

    I have been using ubuntu ever since I migrated to linux and never had a problem with instability with the "final releases". Check to make sure you are not using any beta versions and be sure you have ubuntu recommended drivers install not proprietary.
  • corec
    corec Posts: 18
    Thanks to both of you. I guess I'll try most of those you recommended. I haven't heard about Antiux before and some people I know really like the .rpm's so I guess I will try out Fedora too.
  • if you want "stable " then you can not beat CentOS ( the free version of Red Hat RHEL )

    the programs in it are a bit on the older side but in 5 years of use I have had only ONE 1 crash , and that was 100% MY fault .
    fedora ????? yes and no
    it is a VERY fast and VERY NEW "cutting edge" distro and can be VERY unstable . crashing 2 times a week or so on average . But with A LOT of care and a LOT of work fedora can be "mostly" stable

    I consider fedora as a good choice for the person WHO LIKES TO TINKER and fix things, and wants to do so.

    OpenSUSE 11.3 so far has been VERY stable for me .I have not had any problems with it yet .

    so you might want to look into that distro.

    Arch Linux ?? well READ THERE WEB SITE WIKI !!!!!!
    and decide for your self. I like it but ....


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