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Linux perf

Hello everyone,

I'm facing a performance issue on linux.

I have two system on the same hardware: one ubuntu and one slitaz. Slitaz is a small distro. I use it because I need a light system.

My problem is that slitaz is much slower than ubuntu.

I joined the results of a benchmark done using geekbench.

If you have any idea of where the problem might be please tell me.

Thank you very much.


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    The difference could be caused by many potential differences such as your chosen filesystem, how the kernel is built, the running window manager, running services, etc... you will have to give us additional information for us to assist in diagnosing the performance issues.
  • I've done another bench with 0 load and it tells that the slitaz system has a memory problem.

    Ubuntu :

    Read Sequential
    single-threaded scalar 1830 |||||||
    Write Sequential
    single-threaded scalar 1582 ||||||
    Stdlib Allocate
    single-threaded scalar 882 |||
    Stdlib Write
    single-threaded scalar 1267 |||||
    Stdlib Copy
    single-threaded scalar 2546 ||||||||||

    Slitaz :
    Read Sequential
    single-threaded scalar 1770 |||||||
    Write Sequential
    single-threaded scalar 1525 ||||||
    Stdlib Allocate
    single-threaded scalar 809 |||
    Stdlib Write
    single-threaded scalar 505 ||
    Stdlib Copy
    single-threaded scalar 1011 ||||

    As you can see, the Stdlib write and copy are more than twice better on ubuntu than on slitaz.
    I guess this is because of my custom kernel on slitaz, but I don't know what options could improve memory management.

    The whole slitaz bench (ubuntu one has not changed) : [file name=geekbench_slitaz.txt size=3035]http://www.linux.com/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/files/geekbench_slitaz.txt[/file]
  • It seems that it's a cache issue.

    Someone knows which kernel option can custom the cache size (not the hardware one of course) and/or the number of slab objects avaibles ?
  • Could you explain how to used geekbench?
  • I just downloaded Geebench for linux and runned ./geekbench_x86_32.

    It outputed the results I posted.

    I'm not a bench expert but in my case theses benchmarks highlighted a memory problem on slitaz. And further investigation (using slabtop) revealed that it's a cache problem.


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