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Installing Linux Mint to run alongside Windows 7


Can you please advise me how to safely install Linux Mint onto my Windows OS System without upsetting the Windows 7 which is already installed Thank you Keith


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    It appears that Mint is no longer an option for the wubi installer that installs a linux based distro within window, so at this point I would recommend looking at resizing you window partition and installing a physical installation of mint on the same box on a new partition.
  • saqman2060
    There are two options you can try. You can create a new partition on your harddrive, or if you are using the entire harddrive, resize it as mfillpot suggested, and install mint on that partition.

    The second option, which I think is easier, is to install mint on a virtual machine using VMware player. This way, you avoid any complications with partitioning or dual booting.
  • nick2day
    Linux Mint also runs in as a live distro...

    You could also get yourself a decent sized USB thumb drive, and install it on the thumb.. (i.e. Live distro with persistent changes).
  • keith41
    Thank you so much,I will try this.
  • keith41
    Many thanks
  • itbcn8
    itbcn8 Posts: 23
    Did this answer your question?

    Have you figured out how to make a partition for your Linux Mint?

    Let us know, if not we can send you a few more links.


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