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Anthropology Student Looking for Research Particip


I am an undergraduate in Anthropology, currently writing my final year dissertation. The subject I have chosen in the Open Source project. I will be writing a detailed ethnography of hacker culture and am searching for research participants. Particularly, I am looking for Open Source user groups based in London in order to conduct live face-to-face interviews. Additionally however, anybody who would be interested in participating virtually is absolutely welcome. The focus of my work will be the way in which Open Source redefines the relationship between humans and technology. Additionally I am interested in examining the Open Source project in terms of the “Gift Economy”, an alternative vision of economic practice first studied by Marcel Mauss in the early 20th century. Anybody who would be interested can e-mail to find out more. Also if you know of an Open Source group based in London I would greatly appreciate any information. Thank you in advance.



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