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I can't click.


I installed Ubuntu 10.04 on my Dell computer using Wubi, so I am dual-booting with Windows XP. After finally getting into Ubuntu for the first time, the ability to click went away after I opened something. I could still move the mouse, and any button that I click on would be briefly highlighted, as if acknowledging that it had been pressed, but nothing would happen. I could still use the "Enter" key to substitute for clicking, but I kinda like clicking things. I fully updated, but still nothing. So I removed Ubuntu and reinstalled it (twice) only to encounter the exact same problem. I would sometimes spontaneously regain the ability to click for no apparent reason, but it would go away as soon as I moved onto a different window. I happen to have a DPI button built into my mouse, and whenever I press it - thus changing the DPI - I am magically able to click, although it still goes away in just the same way. I've searched the internet relentlessly for the answer, and the only thing I could find was a work-around which I already found out; changing the DPI. That's not really a very good work-around, though. What do I do?

Thanks, nerds. :)


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    It sounds like the automatic configuration of X is incorrect and the forced update through your button appears to be a correction.

    I would recommend running "sudo Xorg -configure" after the next correction to have it write the working configuration to and xorg.conf file, which you will have to manually move into /etc/X11/ so it will be used on boot for all future sessions.


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