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Fedora 14 is OUT! (and re-designed?!?)

itbcn8 Posts: 23

Fedora 14 was released today (at least I found out today).

Crazyyy. Looks good, although my experience with Fedora 13 wasn't all too good... hopefully this one is better.

One thing though, have you seen their homepage (fedoraproject.org)? It's completely re-designed...

What are your thoughts? Anyone try it/has been using it? Do you recommend?



  • MikeEnIke
    I haven't tried it but I do know some hardcore Fedora users. It looks pretty smooth and decent. If you're interested why not install it and give it a try? That's half the fun with linux distros.
  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    I've been running F14 since before the branch when it was still rawhide. Even though there were some really rough spots after the branch, which needed a reinstall to be done, the Fedora devs really pulled it off. The release looks really good.
    I am happy though that they put off systemd till F15, and the fact that grub is still legacy makes me happy, although it does cause some problems when dual booting with distros that have incorporated grub2 into their releases.
    All in all, a really solid release.
  • itbcn8
    itbcn8 Posts: 23
    I just VB'ed it... I've got to say, the default wallpaper took my breath away!! It's worth installing just to see it :)

    Overall I like it, seems a lot faster and more stable than F13.

    GJ Fedora Team!! :cheer:


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