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How do install Linux after i have downloaded it

I Just downloaded Linux Mint to a folder on my desktop, and tried putting it on cd to boot off, but to no avail it is not working.. Is there something im doing wrong?? Or is there an easy tip on how to do this...


  • make sure you are able to boot from CD. Check your bios settings so you can boot from CD.
  • Did you burn the disk as an ISO?
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    You must use a program that can burn ISO images to disk. An ISO image is a container that holds the entire directory structure for a disk, you must use an ISO butner program otherwise you will have just burned a data file to a disk which is not bootable.

    Once the ISO is properly burned to a disk you need to change your boot options in BIOS to boot from the CD or DVD and boot from the chosen medium, once it is booted you will see the appropriate installation options.
  • Most CD burning programs offer a choice like, "burn a music (audio) CD," or "burn a data CD," etc. You want to burn a "bootable image." Not a picture, but an image file. Be sure to choose that option when you burn your Linux Mint CD.

    After you have burned the disk, re-insert it into you CD-ROM and leave it there. If Windows asks you what you want to do with the CD (explore, auto-run, whatever), do not choose anything. Choose "Ignore" if that is an option. Just leave your Linux Mint LiveCD in the CD-ROM drive. Then reboot your computer.

    On most computers there's a manufacturer's logo screen that appears for a few seconds during start-up, with a menu of choices like "Boot Options, press F-12" or "to enter Set-up, press F-10" something like that. Do that! "Enter set-up" or choose "boot options" by hitting that key a few times quickly before that screen disappears.

    Choose "Boot from CD-ROM" or "First boot device - CD-ROM," etc. You're telling your computer to boot off of your Linux Mint CD instead of your machine's hard disk drive.

    Now your machine will boot into Linux Mint instead of Windows. Hooray! The nice thing about this is that you can explore Linux Mint without making any changes to your computer at all. Bear in mind that anything running off of a LiveCD is going to be slow compared to something running from the hard drive. Linux Mint will be a lot faster once it's installed.

    And to do that, simply click on the "Install Linux Mint" icon and follow the prompts.

    Hoping this helps,
  • if you already have the ISO burned to your CD, verify it to make sure it is an exact, bit by bit copy of the original file. then insert the cd (or live USB) into your computer and turn it off. restart the computer, and when it starts booting up, press the button (specified on the screen) that says either "interupt boot" or "change boot settings", and change the boot device to your CD/USB.

    Once the CD boots, follow the onscreen directions to set up your distro of linux

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