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Looking for professional video editing software


I am trying to find a good video editor for Linux.

I use Kino quite a bit for cleaning up my raw video before I editing into a video. Kino works pretty good, however, it's not as good as older versions of Adobe Premier which is what i have had to resort to using because I just can't find anything that does all that in Linux. There is an app that looks similar to Adobe Premier but it isn't usable. It crashes a lot and just seems like alpha or possibly beta software at the most.

I need the ability to edit audio while it is attached to the video so that it doesn't get out of sync. Example: having the audio track extend over the beginning of the next video clip while also being able to start fading it out as it nears the end of the audio where the next clip starts... very easy to do in Adobe and a nightmare to do with Kino.

I tried and tried to get Cinelerra (cinelerra.org) to work, but I could only get it to work (partially) in Ubuntu.

I run the latest stable version of Debian without contribs or non-free packages in my sources.list.


  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    The link below seems to have a list and comparison to the Linux based video editors that I know of. Unfortunately, I have no experience with video editing, so, you'll have to wait to see if someone else comes by with actual reviews.

  • MikeEnIke
    I don't do any major video editing, but in the past I've used LiVES and it worked out pretty well for me. Simple yet useful.
  • woboyle
    woboyle Posts: 501
    There are a number, depending what you want to do, from personal (simple) video editing to full-blown professional grade tools. Two to consider:

    kdenlive: www.kdenlive.org
    cinelerra: www.cinelerra.org

    There are a number of system package dependencies that will have to be installed. See the installation notes on each web site for details. FWIW, if you install Ubuntu Studio as your operating system, you will get both of these tools, along with a LOT of other great stuff for audio/video generation, editing, and processing.
  • GrouchoMarxist
    debianuser wrote:
    I am trying to find a good video editor for Linux.

    Keep an eye out for this potential game-changer of a NLE; it's called Lightworks and it's going open-source next year. :)

    I've already signed up to be one of the first to download this award-winning editor. If it runs smoothly in Linux, I will be able to custom build a desktop editing station that will blow any Final Cut Pro Mac out of the water.
  • tobiasvogel
    I used MainActor 5.5 for many years. It is neither free, nor open-source, but it worked like a charm. unfortunately it is no longer available, yet you can find some packages (it has got a demo mode, thus it's free to try) out there.
  • kiran.kankipati
    For YouTube videos you can use PiTiVi (free open-source based), usually I use for my official videos indeed.

    Refer/Download Pitivi: http://www.pitivi.org

    PiTiVi looks like Windows Movie Maker clone to a certain extent. You can also optionally install your own extra codecs (audio, video) and so on.

    However I doubt it can offer superior professional video quality editing/processing.
  • tommoa

    I've used Kdenlive for video editing. I need it for basics, trimming, combining etc and it's more than capable at those.
    If interested, you can find some other commonly used video editing apps here : https://www.xp-pen.com/forum-1595.html


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