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I need help trying to dual boot windows 7

I have a Toshiba A-505 laptop running 64-bit windows 7. I want to install Ubuntu for security and functionality. However I still want to use Windows 7 for business and school, it has all my documents and several applications I can't afford to lose, is there any way I can install Ubuntu and still maintain all my windows 7 data and apps and be able to run windows 7 in Virtualbox or a similar app?


  • mfillpotmfillpot Posts: 2,180
    I would recommend looking at shrinking the windows7 partition using the included disk management software, then installing Ubuntu on a new separate partition made from the newly freed space. This will allow you to boot to which ever system you choose when the computer starts.
  • I see what you mean, but the partition program for 7 is nightmarish, I'm not comfortable doing myslef, I'll look into and if I need help (which i probably will) I'll contact you. Thankyou for your input, you are an asset to this establishment.
  • mfillpotmfillpot Posts: 2,180
    The partition editor for windows 7 is a bit awkward, but I recommended that tool because it it able to shrink the partition to the minimum level that it determines is safe based upon windows' assumption of it's needs, so that makes it the safest tool for shrinking windows.

    I received your message about the installation working, can you please tell us how you installed ubuntu and how your disk structure looks, including partition uses and sizes?
  • well I created the new partition like you said, and I installed ubuntu doing what I assume was the normal way through a pendrive. meaning I had it on a pendrive and when I booted it I selected install to a Hard drive. And by looking at my list of partitions ubuntu made it's own partition, which is cool, but now I have 100 gigs unallocated, and I'd like to divide that 100 gigs amongst windows and ubuntu.
    (BTW The ubuntu install process was amazing, very simple and it realized that there a was another OS and even asked me if I wanted to run them alongside each other, the OS is simple and effective, it's like MAC and PC had a baby. Very impressed. 10/10)
  • *heres an image of my HD Screenshot_1-8b89cb3550fd4dd06b4365edb35a8ce1.png

    The gray area is the unallocated space that I want to divide amongst my operating systems
  • mfillpotmfillpot Posts: 2,180
    Using a program like gparted you can extend the Extended partition, then you can use the appropriate tools in each OS to create extra partitions for the associated filesystems and your needs.
  • Is gparted something from ubuntu?
    ANd I want to take that unallocated 100 gigs and divide it amongst both windows and ubuntu.
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    gparted is used by ubuntu, but if you want the space to be shared you can format it as ntfs in windows and open it in ubuntu when you need it.
  • so theres no way for me to get rid of it? cuz I dont want that extra partition, I don't need it.
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    You cannot resize or move a partition that you are working on.

    you can download the gparted live CD image, burn it to disk and boot from it to be able to move and resize your partitions as you wish, it hist takes a while to complete.
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