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Capture two audio stream from dvb card...



I can capture from my DVB card with no problem using mencoder (or any desktop app) but I can't capture the two audio streams at once while with me-tv I can.

I was doing some research but I didn't find anything solve my problem.

Is there any command-line app that can do this? I've tried dvbstream too, and I've passed both aid to both (dvbstream and mencoder) with no success.

Thanks in advance.


  • saqman2060
    What do you mean by "capture from my DVB card"?
  • la
    la Posts: 2
    I mean I can watch to TV and record to a file, but, using mencoder/mplayer I can listen to only one audio stream while using me-tv I can listen to/record both audio streams (original and dubbed).


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