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Linking Error


I am having problems resolving a linking error and I am hoping to get some assistance.

I am using F12 x86_64 and the Intel compiler. 11.1.072. I get a linking error (see attached) when I execute the following command;

icpc -shared-intel -L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/lib -L/usr/lib64 -L/opt/intel/Compiler/11.1/072/tbb/lib/intel64 -m64 -use-msasm -o"ipdt64" $(OBJS) $(USER_OBJS) $(LIBS)


  • macaswell
    what's your code? Is 'main' an external function?

    If your code is something like this (i'm not sure which syntax this is, but their similar, and here it doesn't matter, cause this is universal):
    [global start]
    [extern _main]
    ; .data sections or whatev's
    .start:   ; this may be section 'start:' instead of '.start:'
       ; code...
       call _main
       ; code ...

    Change the _main references to main (extern main, and call main), and (if you can) compile as elf, or you might get a different link error about linking PE to non PE objects...

    Still, show me your code, cause it may be something completely different.


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