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Looking for a soft that display... (suprise... )


Hello dear community,

I am about to build an HTPC (old shuttle XPC SS51G) and I would like to have à Display Manager (or any Xorg apps) that display a sort of menu as the DM of windows :-]: showing nice icons and when you click on it you are launched to windows desktop (without typing password).

Not forced to be a DM, I assumed that a soft or python script could display such a menu (even if I have to configured an autologin user before, i'm ok with that, it's just that the windows DM is functionnaly close to what i want and helpful to explain my ideas ^^).

What I would like, in a full screen mode, is a click and launch panel (don't want to take a wireless keyboard and type password):

Icons 'Internet' --> 'click!' --> launch X11 and lightweight full flash supported browser.

Icons 'XMBC' --> 'click!' --> launch X11 and XBMC.

Icons 'MythTv' --> 'click!' --> launch X11 and mythtv frontend (not sure if I want it, since i know that there is a front end for mythtv in XBMC, and I have not yet my DVB-T card ^^).

Icons 'Admin' --> 'click!' --> Launch a desktop or console.

Note that an old ATI remote Wonder (first one) would be plugged, and remember that is an HTPC :) .

If you know such DM or apps (one more time: I assume that a user must have been configured in autologin in this other solution), be kind: tell me please!




  • woboyle
    woboyle Posts: 501
    The standard Linux display manager, gdm, will allow you configure it easily for automatic login as a specific user. That user can have specifically allowed services and applications available which can be configured and/or pre-loaded on that users' desktop. No special applications or programming are required to accomplish this. It is done frequently for kiosk-type applications.


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