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one gateway and two other networks (subnets)


Hi all,

I have a server thats got 3 nics , eth2 internet, eth0, 1 are the different subnets and each of the subnet connections have a different dhcp scope which works fine. I have tried to route the gateway connection to the other two nics via the route and ip route command plus turning on the ip_forwarding but the clients on the different subnets can not get the internet, but i can ping the gateway ip of each subnet fine, it just wont forward the traffic though to the clients.

Do i have to use iptables etc to route the traffic aswell as using route and ip route command

Any help on this will be great

Many thanks


  • woboyle
    woboyle Posts: 501
    These are not subnets in the true sense of the word, but separate networks. What is the network address that each of the "subnets" that are not directly attached to the internet are using? What is their broadcast mask and gateway addresses set to? What does the output of the "route" command show?
  • saqman2060
    First your nics are using two different dhcps. Does your gateway have a dhcp server imbedded in it. Your nic should use the dhcp service in the gateway. Second, when you say different subnets, did you subnet the main network address provided by the gateway or did you give different ip addresses to the other two nics in the server? Please give as much information as possible.


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