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backup & restore RHEL


Hi All,

My supplier help installed RHEL5 on an IBM x3650M2 server with Hardware RAID1+0 (Megaraid M5014). Recently IBM engineer found out i did a big mistake by connecting SAS cable from 0,1,2,3 to Port no2 & 3,4,5,6 to Port no1 on Megaraid M5014 card, this might cause system hang or restart, he suggested me to do backup, delete array, swap the cable, re-create array & restore. How do I backup & restore everything (including LVM, OS, data & etc..)

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also i have a standy backup server which is identical to this production server (just differ on host name & IP address) but really don't know how to make use of it like bring it online in the shortest possible time in the event of production server down/offline


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