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install linux on acer notebook

hi everyone!i bought an Acer aspire one D250-0Bk

model KAV60

intel atom processor N270

10.1"LED LCD(1024x600)

1 gb ram ddr2 533/667 Mhz SD

160 gb hard disk

mobile intel 945GSE graphics

Dont have Cd or DVD rom...only usb

Can i know which is the best linux,or rather a list of linux suitable for my notebook...?i tried to make a bootable usb key(4gb) to install ultimate edition 2.7,by reading instruction online...but in vain!this is my first computer,and my cousin told me to start by using linux...its really hard..im using windows xp sp3 by default!I have access to the internet..download speed of 50kbps..please help me get linux on my machine!i want to make the most out of it...i'll be among the rare ones that started to learn using a computer with linux rather than windows...but i'll use both...and where im stuck,my cousin,or you guys might help me!i thank you all in advanced!


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    Please tell us what distro you are attempting to use and exactly what error messages and problems you are experiencing.
  • roobal
    roobal Posts: 25
    mfillpot wrote:
    Please tell us what distro you are attempting to use.

    I think he means Ubuntu Ultimate Edition :)

    Nikhil wrote:
    this is my first computer,and my cousin told me to start by using linux...

    Can't your cousin install you any Linux distribution? I suggest to try on it Ubuntu Netbook Edition it's also probably optimized for the Intel Atom.
  • Gajadur
    Gajadur Posts: 2
    he tried but couldn't...he also started using linux recently...he did it by booting from cds and dvds...the usb instalation is very hard!
  • leechy
    leechy Posts: 5
    Hey, I know what you're going through, and a lot of people have problems with this.

    I would download Ubuntu for netbooks, which will be your linux distribution http://www.ubuntu.com/netbook/get-ubuntu/download
    If you click on the "show me how" button, there will be several instructions that make everything simple.

    After you have put ubuntu on your flash drive, reboot your computer and look for a prompt at the very beginning that says "boot options" or "boot menu" or "boot devices". Hit the corresponding key, and choose the usb option with the arrow and enter keys.

    Then the rest should be fairly straight forward. Feel free to post if you need more help.


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