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Automate Simple Tasks?


Hi all. I'm a linux sysadmin and I'm trying to find good utilities to help me automate some of the tasks I do a lot. There are already good utils for things like log rotation, but there are countless tasks that could be similarly automated. I recently noticed one called "certwatch" that keeps an eye on the expiration date of your SSL certs and gives you a warning before they expire.

Anyway, here are some tasks that I'd like my servers to do on their own:


[li]restart important processes if they die (httpd,mysqld etc...)[/li]

[li]re-connect to the network if it gets lost for some reason (like stupid me accidentally disables it while I'm offsite...)[/li]

[li]delete old backup files if disk gets too full[/li]

[li]restart processes that hold large deleted files open (run lsof +L1 to see what I'm talking about)[/li]

[li]alert me if I left something that's filling up disk really fast (tcpdump -w or apache rewrite logs)[/li]


Does anyone know of any utilities that might help me make my servers do some of that for me? Or, heaven forbid, something that tries to do the whole shooting match?




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