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The Future of OpenOffice.Org

Courtesy of Yahoo! News

What do you think will happen to this popular replacement to the Microsoft Office suite?

Taking into account recent developments involving Sun Microsystems purchaser Oracle, it makes sense that Oracle may take the metaphorical ax to OpenOffice. In that event, would the FOSS community be able to either fork the project or acquire the suite so as to continue providing development and service to OO's users?


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    I think Oracle with retain openoffice.org for commercial sales and licensing to IBM for lotus suite, but it is highly possible that they will ignore the open source community.

    However if they remove the opensource licensing or change the license it still is based upon an opensource project and anyone can fork the last public version of it for outside development.
  • masokis
    masokis Posts: 4
    0racle has buy the sun microsystem with $7.4 millon ... further more
    the opensolaris are going dead....
    i dont know are this info are true or rumors..
    but this is a blog belong to opensolaris developer
    > http://sstallion.blogspot.com/2010/08/opensolaris-is-dead.html

    which part o0o will become in future..? are it will be commercial or..same like opensolaris

    *I not sure if my info are correct. I read this rumor from IRC.
  • Manko10
    Manko10 Posts: 4
    I think it won't become a real alternative for all concerns in the next few years since Microsoft has gotten a great advance over the years and I often stumbled over some missing features, not properly working ones and a lot of bugs. But one advantage that OpenOffice has is that it's more standards compliant than Word (which e.g. implemented ODT very recently whereas OpenOffice's support for this goes years back).
    I assume they both will have a good co-existence over the next years but at least for professional use I don't see that OpenOffice will overcome MS Office in the foreseeable future.


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