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USB Modem - HUAWEI E220



Please help, I am really struggling.

A friend left me an Aspire One Netbook that I believe uses the Linux Lintus OS?

I am trying to use a HUAWEI E220 USB Modem on the '3' network. It appears as a file but when I try to execute it nothing happens.

I thought it would be just plug and use.

I would be grateful if anyone can tell me (step by step) please how to connect to the Internet using the USB Modem.

Many Thanks



  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    I may be wrong, but I sort of remember that Linpus was based fedora at one point, so the instructions on this link may help:
    It uses wvdial to do the actual connection work, and was an app I used for the usb-modem tethering back before Network Manager became so useful. If you do have a Network Manager that is in your menu with Linpus, you can try setting up the Mobile broadband section to see if it works. Since I don't have a Linpus install handy, step by step is difficult, but setting up mobile broadband usually only requires your username and password from your provider and hitting go. At least it was that simple with Verizon and my usb-modem connection. If you don't have a Network Manager, look at the instructions in the link I gave you and see if that helps.

    Maybe someone who knows Linpus a bit more than I do can chime in and add some info.
  • Carm
    Carm Posts: 2
    I will give that a go many thanks.

    More help appreciated from other members.

  • ben
    ben Posts: 134
    I've applied GoinEasy9 suggestions after a google search few months ago (same link) but with Gentoo and Ubuntu, it works...
  • saqman2060
    I never used linpus linux. That being said, is Linpus available for downloading? Also, to clarify things, your modem is broadband based or dial-up?


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