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***WANTED*** Best site for distro news


I have been using Linux now for 7 some odd years actively...and I have used just about all the distros on Distrowatch's top 100 list at least once. My question though is more along the lines of ... is there a website that I can go to or a mailing list where people post about there particular distributions or spins of distributions that they are looking for testers or people who want to try something new? I would love something like this as I dont like to be stuck to just one distro, but rather like to bounce from distro to distro. I have spun my own versions of Ubuntu, Fedora, and even built and LFS distro and Rock Linux distro, and I just want to be able to use something new that someone else has come up with and just mess around with it and give input. I just like to play with obscure as much as I like to play with mainstream and sure Ubuntu and OpenSUSE (sorry shameless plug [I love these two distros and always go back to them]) have their place in the community. If you could let me know a site or project that is near and dear to you I would appreciate it. If someone wants me to test their own personal spin or build perfect :-) (though be warned I am using a lappy for all of my testing) Lets play with Linux :-)


  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    The home page and blogs here often contain interesting articles on distro's and are often picked up by Linux Today and the other Open Source news aggregators.
    DistroWatch and it's comment section is often interesting.
    Raiden's Realm home page, Linuxhomepage.com, Linuxformat, Techdata etc, etc. are all bookmarked in my browser and all have good info, but, there is no ONE place that you can go to get all the info, updated, all at the same time.

    I thought linuxhomepage was a good idea, but it doesn't seem to update as fast as the sum of it's parts.

    I may be biased here, but, I've found that the home page of Linux.com and it's blog section, keeps me informed about the latest innovations in OpenSource and Linux. After all, it's the latest achievements that I'm looking for.

    As far as distro hopping goes, I've found that Fedora fills all my requirements at the moment. F13 runs all the boxes on my home network which I use extensively for home business purposes. It also allows my laptops to roam from wired connections, to wifi, to mobile broadband tethering, and does it seamlessly with the Gnome desktop.
    Running rawhide (F14-15) allows me to test what is the latest and greatest (and still very unstable) innovations, and I'm able to contribute by filing bugzilla reports to help with making those new technologies more stable. To me, that's the fun part.
  • mfillpot
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    The communications about new distros are all reliant on the developers communicating with various sites. Distrowatch does seem to be the site that most distro developers contact to advise of their work, but I have seen some distros that have not been announced.

    My recommendation would be to setup the Linux.com content feed and distrowatch news feed in a newreader so you can have the combined information sent you you in near real time.


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