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Can someone make a Linux kernel for us


Dear all

We need a stripped Linux version that have the following requirements:

1. Quick and silent boot (no console output)

2. Logo while booting

3. Support touch screen

4. Video performance at least as good as Windows XP on same hardware

5. No applications installed

6. Pre configured WLAN (SSID/ip address)

7. Latest Java Runtime installed

8. Latest version of Xuggler installed (http://www.xuggle.com/xuggler/)

9. automatically login (no login screen)

10. On login it shall load and start a Java swing application (graphical)

11. If keyboard is connected, it shall require password to be able to use it. Alternatively keyboard shall be blocked and only have remote desktop (require root login)

Are someone interested in making an install image for us?

We are willing to pay reasonable price for the job

Best regards

Per-Jarle Sæther


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    It appears that your understanding of the components is a bit off.

    1. This can be performed, but is not recommended because you would then miss important error messages like potential kernel panics.
    2. This can be done in a kernel configuration.
    3. You would have to compile thekernel modules for the specific touchscreens you wish to use into the kernel as installed drivers or modules.
    4. The video performance is decided by the included drivers, the GUI used and the configuration of the screen.
    5. This seems a bit contradictory due to your following questions.
    6. This requires applications for dhcp addressing and wireless configration, so it is not included in the kernel.
    7. Again, this is another contradiction because it is not part of the kernel it would have to be added as an application within a full OS.
    8. This is another application that would have to be installed within a full OS.
    9. This seems to conflict #11, will it need to jump directly into a stndard user account in CLI or a GUI, if a GUI then which one?
    10. This application would require a full window manager and the X11 libraries and applications to be installed.
    11. So, you want password entry for physical access and remote desktop with authentication also. This seems to conflict #9

    What it sounds like is you do not necessarily need a custom kernel, what you need is a customized distribution.

    You will need to look further into your specific needs, exactly what hardware should be supported, what cpu architectures, what gui, will you use centralized management, what kind of a firewall should be applied, what shells should be available and what other capabilities should the user have?

    If you can answer enough question then we might be able to help guide you to strip down a distro for your needs and package it for re-distribution.
  • saqman2060
    saqman2060 Posts: 777
    There are distros that do some of the things you want, do a little searching and tinkering. No point in asking to build something the already exists. Remenber this is linux, It is designed for light weight alternatives to other OSs. Like what fillopt said, know exactly what you are trying to do and find a distro that meats your criteria.

    Best of luck!!!
  • perjarle
    Hi all
    Yes you are probably right that we need a custom distro rather than a custom kernel.

    The main job for the OS is running our Java Swing application in full screen (undecorated).

    The Linux needs to run in graphical mode, but with a clean desktop. No start button, no menus, no status bar, no icons etc.
    When the pc is booted, our Java application shall load and start automatically.

    Keyboard input must be blocked.
    If OS administration is needed, it must be done remotely by using SSH

    Must have support for touch screen input in "drag'n'drop mode" (not just clicks ).
    Except for the touch interface, no mouse input shall be used.

    Our Java application's job is displaying video (H.264 and MJPEG) and audio from up to 4 wireless ip cameras. Therefore the OS must perform well with video.

    The hardware is an "all-in-one pc" with the following spec:

    Mainboard: Mini-ATX
    Brand: weikongxingyi

    Model:Atom N230


    Graphics board:

    Touch interface:

    Network interface:

    Wireless network interface (802.11b/g/n):

    Best regards
    Per-Jarle Sæther
  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    Here is what I have to offer for advice.

    The network drivers may be a problem because ralink and realtek aren't too good about open distributing linux based drivers. Community based stiros have the greatest problem with this because they have not negotiated licensing deals with those companies to use the drivers and firmware, so you best bet would be to start with a commercial distro like Ubuntu, Fedora, RedHat, Novell SUSE, etc..

    User Interface:
    To give you the user interface option you wish to get you can run xterm on top of the X window manager and have your custom application set to start on GUI startup. This will present you with your application and a terminal in the background for crash handling. However it may be possible to just have X11 to boot with the application started only, I just haven't tested it.

    You can disable or blacklist the keyboard driver modules, but if network communication is ever lost (such as the network card dying) then the box would be dead without any way to physically access and update it for new hardware. I am also unsure if the keyboard modules would be necessary for remote command to be accepted. I would recommend physically blocking the keyboard and usb ports so they cannot be accessed by the users as a simplified method.

    Touch Support:
    The kernel and X11 window system have support for various touchscreen interfaces so that shouldn't be very difficult.

    Remote Administration:
    For this to be safely implemented you will have to consider if the remote access with be GUI or CLI based, then install the necessary services, security mechanisms and firewall logic to keep it secure.

    You also must advise whoever will developing this platform of the type of consumers and industry this will be distributed to so they can adjust the access methods and security to best fit the needs and capabilities of the users.

    Now for this project I would normally be willing to experiment to see if I can get it working, but without the physical hardware and necessary software I cannot reliably give you any configuration or installation files. Your best bet would be to contact a contract development firm and supply them with the necessary hardware and software for them to build and test your goal platform.
  • woboyle
    woboyle Posts: 501
    I presume that this is for some sort of kiosk-type application. As mfillpot mentioned, you are best served with a mainstream distribution that can deal with the hardware - your biggest issues will be with the wireless networking drivers, and likely with the touchscreen interface. I've had good experience with Ubuntu in handling just about any network hardware I've thrown at it, but for embedded and/or dedicated systems like this appears to be, I generally prefer to use Debian, which is the core OS that Ubuntu and a number of other major distributions are based upon.

    So, from your posting you and your people are not Linux developers and need to contract with someone who is. You can send me a private message directly if you wish - I do this sort of work as an IEEE consulting software engineer. I have made my profile available to members of this site, so you should be able to get some idea about me.


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