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Newbee of newbee questions


First off I don't know the first thing about Linux / Unix. (don't even know the differance between the two.) I have a couple of projects in mind that I want to build. As you can tell my problem is I don't know where to begin with operating system. I have a a couple of window cpu systems laying around that I have created a simple home network, yet it doesn't really have any teeth to it.

Want to learn to write my own programs, and ready to move on from the win world.

I need all the help and direction you are willing to offer.



  • prashantkadre
    WEL-COME the world of LINUX

    Differance between UNIX & LINUX

    To put it very generically, Linux is an operating system kernel, and UNIX is a certification for operating systems. The UNIX standard evolved from the original Unix system developed at Bell Labs. After Unix System V, it ceased to be developed as a single operating system, and was instead developed by various competing companies, such as Solaris (from Sun Microsystems), AIX (from IBM), HP-UX (from Hewlett-Packard), and IRIX (from Silicon Graphics). UNIX is a specification for baseline interoperability between these systems, even though there are many major architectural differences between them. Linux has never been certified as being a version of UNIX, so it is described as being "Unix-like."
    Its very good that you are think to devlope the program,for that you have to first understand the avable any Linux (ubuntu) O.S and wish you all the best....
  • move
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    Is there certian hardware that Linux enjoys? I have AMD and Intel chip boxes, graphic cards, etc?
  • Goineasy9
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    I have AMD and Intel based motherboards, nvidia, ATI and Intel based video cards and a whole host of other peripherals, all that work with Linux. It would be easier these days to list what doesn't work with Linux than what does.
    There are certain situations where newer hardware, or, newer software need to catch up with one another, but, all in all solutions can be found no matter what hardware your running.
    If you have a question about a specific piece of hardware, you can always ask about it here in the forums.
  • move
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    Ok here is my network goal I would like to create. I want all of my computers to talk to one another over wifi like they do now except I want to add these features.
    DVR sling box
    Closed circuit video system
    Then eventually I would like to talk to my race cars ECU while they are in the shop and I am in my office
    Then get into home automation with lighting and HVAC system.

    After all that I would like a encription key for the secure area.

    Is there something out there like this already? Probably cost $$$$ if so.

    PS. I do a lot of drafting so it has to play along with Autodesk.


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