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swap to ram command?

SteristSterist Posts: 18

is there a terminal command or any way to move all memory stored on swap space back to the ram?


  • faisslfaissl Posts: 4
    Which distro..?
    I know such a thing is available in some live distros like DSL and Gentoo, but I have no idea about being available in installed distros..
  • SteristSterist Posts: 18
    this thread is inside the ubuntu sub-forum lol
  • faisslfaissl Posts: 4
    LOL didn't notice, I got it from the recent discussions link :cheer:
    ok, is that is what you trying to do..?
  • SteristSterist Posts: 18
    it is not.

    whenever i send my laptop into hibernate it moves all memory from the ram to swap, so that it doesn't have to battery-back the ram to maintain the data.

    the problem (i guess not really a problem lol) is that when i turn it back on, only some of the memory will go back to the ram, and anywhere from 20-50% will remain on swap.
  • faisslfaissl Posts: 4
    Kernel issue, I think
  • SteristSterist Posts: 18
    i will not strike that out as a possibility, but i don't think so

    from my experiences, data is only retrieved from swap when it is needed again by it's host program.
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