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Bugzilla and Authenticate against W2K3R2 LDAP

bitwise1 Posts: 1

We have a project we are test out bugzilla 3.6.1. Bugzilla is running on Fedora V12. We want to authenticate users of bugzilla against the W2K3R2 LDAP. We are testing in a setup enviroment and have installed MS Services for Unix 3.5. Some work needs to be done stil on the Fedora V12 back to test authentication.

My question, is installing MS Services for Unix 3.5 really necessary to perform LDAP lookups against the AD box? LDAP is already Open. I just see the Unix 3.5 services as overkill for a very simple task.

I could be wrong, the way it is being explained to me is that the Fedora box needs to sync the LDAP from AD server to Unix server. I don't buy this. The bugzilla just need to do a lookup and verify.


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