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Java update error on Linux Mint


Hello, all.

I am having trouble trying to install an update on Linux Mint

The update is for Java. The error is:

E: /var/cache/apt/archives/sun-java6-bin_6.20dlj-0ubuntu1.9.04_amd64.deb: subprocess pre-installation script returned error exit status 1

E: /var/cache/apt/archives/sun-java6-jre_6.20dlj-0ubuntu1.9.04_all.deb: subprocess pre-installation script returned error exit status 1

I was having some other problems before and had stopped using the Linux side because the audio had stopped working and then the update utility stopped working. Somehow they both started working when I went to try and start Linux for the first time in months

I don't know if it is needed but I will give you some more info.

PC is an HP-112y, 64 bit,

Linux is the 64 bit version of Linux Mint

Let me know if you need any more info.




  • czar960
    czar960 Posts: 43
    Hi again.
    I decided to try going right to the Java site and use install using their method instead of using the Mint install
    I did like they said and it installed (or it said it installed) but if I use the "see if you have the latest java" thingy and it says mine is out of date.
    Although now the Mint Update utility shows my computer as up to date and that there are no updates needed.
    So I guess it works. I don't really know what is Java type stuff on the Internet but I don't see any big blank spaces or parts of sites that seem to be missing.

    I installed the Java as the root user..was that the right thing to do?

  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    Yes, you needed to be root to install Sun/Oracle Java. I wonder if you really needed to install the proprietary version of Java though. A few months back, I did an fresh Fedora install, and tested it just using the Open Source OpenJDK version of Java, and, lo and behold, everything worked.
    In the past, I needed Sun/Oracle Java to run the Command Center from Ameritrade, but, OpenJDK had advanced so much that I just didn't need the proprietary version any more.


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