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LFCS Domains and Competencies V2.16 Checklist

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a quick question because i think i am blind :)

In exam topics at Service Configuration , there are things that i havent seen on training course LFS201 Essentials of System Administration. Like dns server / mail agent etc.. Did i miss something or do i need to find other sources to learn about dns server etc.


Thanks in advance


  • llewell
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    I am assuming the course is not enough to pass the exam. I've seen comments from people who felt they knew the course material well and failed. And I saw some advice on Reddit that said the best way to study was to build everything in the Domain Competencies on a clean VM, delete it and do it again. So, 40-50 hours spent on the course work, and at least that much on the domains. I am beginning to wonder how to know when I'm ready for the test.

  • coop
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    Before commenting let me say that training and certification divisions have a firewall between them; thus we do not have exact knowledge of what is on exams other than the public information and sensible deductions.

    The domains for LFCS and LFCE as published have too much overlap, with the principal difference in many cases being the weight.  So things like configuring DNS are in a section that has 10 percent (service configuration) and includes many topics that cannot be done in a short time, like configuring an httpd server etc. THese kinds of things are discussed in detail in LFS211 which focuses on network stuff.

    The new domains and competencies which go live in March for the new exams (see https://training.linuxfoundation.org/upcoming-program-changes-for-the-lfcs-certification-exam-in-2018 ) are much clearer and have less overlap.  And we have just released the new version of LFS201 which is designed to align with the new LFCS requirements.  (The new LFS211 for LFCE will be out very soon.)

    Keep in mind the exams are performance based, no multiple choice, true/false etc, so think about things that can be reasonably done in a short time.  Set up of a DNS server doesnt fit that description to me at the level of this course, although knowing something like what /etc/resolv.conf is used for does, as a DNS client.

    Keep in mind you can take the test a second time for free if you fail, so I always tell people to try and relax and view the first one as further prep and not the end of the road.


    I hope this helps.



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