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OS suggestion for an X-Fi owner


Hello peeps,

As the subject reads, I am an owner of an X-Fi Extreme Gamer soundcard but am so eagerly waiting to make a full switch to a Linux distro. I have this particular card for the incredible options that come with it. Such as:

- user interface

- EAX Effects


- X-Fi Crystalizer

- terrifc gaming support

- midi support for music productions

In the past, not alot of distro's have fully suported the X-Fi cards, and as I search the forums, it seems that alot of users are still having problems with this card. I'm hoping to still create my own music productions, game in a windows environment through Wine, watch movies/dvd's and also do the necessary internet browsing! Not asking for much huh? Only thing holding me back is a Linux OS that fully supports the incredible options that comes with the X-Fi.

Does anyone have any 64-bit Linux OS suggestions for a musicmaker/gamer that doesn't require installing 3rd party drivers for sound?


  • altNull
    altNull Posts: 65
    I have the X-Fi Extreme Audio - the worst of the X-Fi boards, it took them over a year to get the audio working right. Now, I have tried it on Ubuntu and Fedora 10-13 without problems. You might have to switch audio drivers if your using an older version of the Distros, but if your up-to-date with Fedora or Ubuntu, then it works fine.


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