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opinions on xen

DrakeMagiDrakeMagi Posts: 43

?. is xen faster then virtual box ?

i just want to run Debian Lenny, winxp for games , one for playing with different distro.

pentuim 4 2.4 dual core , 1 gig ram , 32 bit


  • marcmarc Posts: 647
    1Gb of RAM is very short to run a virtual machine, specially for gaming :S

    Anyway, why don't you try kvm?
  • DrakeMagiDrakeMagi Posts: 43
    apparently my computer can't use kvm . qemu and virtual box is to slow.

    any other options. or do i stick with dual boot.
  • mfillpotmfillpot Posts: 2,180
    When playing games virtualization is not an optimal choice because of a lag and potential issue with device sharing, in addition graphics do not work work as well in virtual machines. If you wish to have Debian for normal use and windows for games then a dual boot with physical installation is the best option.
  • gomergomer Posts: 158
    xen probably won't be any faster than KVM was for you. You have at least one thing working against you. The biggest issue is RAM. 1GB is not a whole lot to run your host OS in and then still try to run a guest OS in. Even swap won't help you much here, because swap is soooo much slower than physical RAM. Second, you may not have same architecture paravirtualization support in your processor (intel vme). IF you do, make sure it's not disabled in your BIOS, as this is often the case, especially in older systems. If you want to check if you have the feature available, either check /proc/cpuinfo or look up your processor's model number on-line.

    good luck.
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