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ssh read output

With the help of ssh i would like to execute script and redirect the output in my local file

$ssh -i keypair1.pem root@ -C sh /mnt/monitor.sh >> /root/imgManagementOutput.txt

source: monitor.sh

echo `cat /mnt/imageOutput.txt`

Source: /mnt/imageOutput.txt



Expected Output:



Actual Output:

line1 line2

I am looking for the output should be as "Expected Output" as it is not in a single line...


  • deemka
    deemka Posts: 1
    Try it with
    echo "$(cat /mnt/monitor.sh)"
    echo "`cat /mnt/monitor.sh`"
  • pbulteel
    pbulteel Posts: 2
    Why not just
    cat /mnt/imageOutput.txt

    Why are you echoing the output of cat? (Which itself is basically "echoing" the text file?)

  • What happens if you don't redirect the output to a file? Does it look right then? What about if you log onto <host> and run /mnt/monitor.sh. Does it look right when you're not piping through ssh? Try and strip away as much as you can and you'll probably find where the problem lies.


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