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[SOLVED] Please help, webcam problem inverted

Hi All,

i know this is a common problem, however looking through the myriad of posts on this subject on the web it is no longer possible to see the forest because the trees are getting in the way!!

I have recently bought a laptop as 60th birthday pressie for my father in law. He only needs a computer for web surfing and skype, so I thought that linux would be a trouble free, virus free alternative for him.

Have installed UBUNTU 10.04, everything was recognized ok, just the webcam image is inverted with skype.

Im by no means a linux expert, and most of the solutions posted on the web for this problem I simply dont understand. Would someone be so kind and walk me through it step by step. Need to get this sorted within the next day or so, because the computer will be sent next week.

Thanks for your help.





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