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Please recommend a distribution for my mediacenter

I'm trying to build a Media Center and I wanted to put Linux on it. Ideally, I'm looking for something that can be easily controlled with a remote control. Also: Linux isn't really mandatory. If you have a suggestion that is better than Linux, I'd love to hear it (and why it's better).


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    While MythTV can be installed on about any Linux distro. Mythbuntu seems to put everything together for you out of the box. You can find out more about it from the links here:

  • Element is impressive, with its touted "Ten Foot Interface" especially for remotes and for viewing menu from ten feet away. It takes the best multimedia of Ubuntu repos and puts them at your fingertips (Including VLC). Check out Distrowatch --
    I tried element 1.0 after multimedia issues with 9.10 made me stop using it and was impressed with its ease of use; I believe the current version is 1.2 I have since moved on -- but i do not have a Home Theatre! This is what I would use first, if I did.
    (HINT: go to the Trash bin -- there is more there than you think) Debian_Cofee_Wallpaper_Linux_Debian_Morning_Avatar.jpg
  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    If you want the Ultimate in Media Control, along with X11 coverage and virtually total home control. Take a look at LinuxMCE. I met these folks at LinuxTag in Berlin a couple of years ago and was really impressed. My problem was the limited amount of hardware that it could be run on back then, but, I was able to install it and make it run. I didn't have the time to implement all of it's features, but, I may look at it again someday.

    Geez, just looked at the site again, it says it's now an addon to Kubuntu. Before it was it's own distro...I wonder what has changed....Geez, another entry to the to-do list. LOL.

    Edit: It's still an iso based on Kubuntu 8.10, I've got to read farther.
  • BTW, have you looked at the blog on this site "How to set up a media center . ."?

    How's progress?


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