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access user task stack from kernel control path



for a research project I need to access the kernel stack of a suspended process from the kernel control path. Furthermore I need to search the user stack of that process. I know that through the SAVE_ALL macro all register values (ss, esp, eflags ... ecx and ebx) are saved on the kernel task stack. Now I need to know how to access the user stack of a process with the combination of ss and esp values if the task is suspended or maybe paged. Can anybody tell me how the address translation is performed using ss and esp? I will appreciate it if anybody can help me.

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  • gomer
    gomer Posts: 158
    are you trying to accomplish this in C or Assembler? I wish I could help you personally, but all of my Assembler experience is in real-mode and generally not helpful to you in this situation. However, if no one else here can come up with an answer, you may want to try asking some of the folks on one of the mailing lists for projects that pertain more directly to the kernel. I wouldn't necessarily engage the kernel developer's mailing list directly, but the guys working on the xen project are elbow deep in the kernel and generally pretty helpful.

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