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Fedora 13 vs win7


The two operating systems have been duking it out on my computer for a couple days. i have had to reinstall both at least twice. i'm beginning to think my computer does not like this whole "dual-booting" idea. so until i get another tower to play around with, i'm going to keep windows 7 running on this pc because i'm not the only one who has to use this computer. i know it was me that messed it up because i dont know what i'm doing with *nix in general. so once i get another tower to play with i will have some flavor of linux running on one computer just for me to play with. i do appreciate your guys' time and efforts when it comes to dealing with a total noob with this stuff.


  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    I got Windows 7 booting early on, when the RC phase was released. I did it with Fedora 11, and the previously installed Windows 7 RC had an option right in the grub menu automatically. I know that it can cause problems, especially if your new to Linux, but, I was new to Fedora at the time, so, I'll show you how it happened.

    First I found this link in Fedora Unity:
    Under requirements the was a link "see this post" which brought me to the next link:
    That lead me to this line under "Some reasons you would like to use this method:
    Note : This procedure can be used with Vista but it is recommended that with Vista the EasyBCD tool is used to directly boot linux from the Vista Bootloader. See this link. And that link was:
    http://neosmart.net/ Which is the EasyBCD bootloader that I've used on all my dual boots. There is even a Fedora guide which explains step by step how to accomplish the dual install:

    I understand your frustration, but, next time you need to dual boot, give it a try.
  • marc
    marc Posts: 647
    Sad to read you are giving up on Llinux, at least for some time :(

    Whenever you come back we'll be right here :D


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