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Totally new with Linux!


I would like to make some new friends from here, because i'm also new here and in the linux world.I want to switch to Linux Backtrack and i need some contacts that will help me with Linux.If someone can, please find a list on the net that has programs for linux that are close to those with Windows support only.Thank you in forward!


  • marc
    marc Posts: 647
    Welcome to the Linux world :)

    For people to help you out, you can check on the userlist here on Linux.com and look for people available to consult.

    For the list: check on a serch engine, it is not that difficult! Don't expect the others to do the job for you ;)
  • unibroue
    unibroue Posts: 1

    i'm kinda new here too, but i'm using Linux for almost 5 years now. If you need anything, feel free to use the community here or contact me!

    Is there a reason why you want Backtrack exactly? Do you have any pen testing to do or ... ?
  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    Welcome to the site guys, sorry for my delayed response, but I have been busy.

    If you are looking for a comparative program feel free to state tell us the program name and functionality and we can recommend alternate applications. However especially when looking at security based applications you will find a much larger list of available applications, many of which have functions that would be very hard to find on the windows platform, the results massively increase if you are willing to use a cli only application.


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