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Parsix is a Debian, introduce this nice distro!

AmiNimA Posts: 2

Hi, I'm a user of linux distributions such as ubuntu, suse, fedora, Arch, min, mandriva, sabayon, and Parsix.

I want to say something about this distro, it's the best distro I've ever used. I don't want to say Parsix is the best one, I just say it's the best for my needs.

I believe that everybody who uses Ubuntu will love Parsix and leave ubuntu. It's faster, more stable, and more usable than ubuntu.

please take e look at their Forums at http://parsix.org and just test the latest release of Parsix, and tell us your comments here. ;)


  • jabirali
    jabirali Posts: 157
    Do you think that you could elaborate a bit on what you like in this distribution? Exactly how is it more usable than Ubuntu? Would you still recommend the switch for someone who is satisfied with the speed and stability of their current distribution, and in that case why?

    If the main point of this post was to give the distribution some more publicity, you should consider submitting a review of Parsix in the Software Directory instead ;)
  • AmiNimA
    AmiNimA Posts: 2
    when I install ubuntu, I must install a lot of things to satisfy the my prior human needs! such as listening to music! or watching a movie.
    I have mp3 CDs, movie DVDs and... but in a fresh install of ubuntu nothing can be played except OGGs or some other formats that nobody even don't know about them.
    in comparison, I think Parsix is a little faster than Ubuntu. I worked with both of them.

    the point of this post was not as you said. I'm just saying that give a try of this distro. let's give some spaces to other debian based distros to compete with Ubuntu.
    Ubuntu has nothing, except some sponsors to sepnd money for its team!

    thanks about the revie link.


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