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editing 10.04

ok, so i havent been connected to the Internet in a while with my desktop. i connected it and downloaded 10.04. i like it, except that the exit minimize and fill to screen are on the left side instead of the right. is there a way to change this, or a code to change this?

any help, as always, greatly appreciated!

Kolton Kuhns


  • jabirali
    jabirali Posts: 157
    Install gconf-editor from the repositories and launch it:
    sudo apt-get install gconf-editor

    Then browse to /apps/metacity/general in the left pane of the application, and find button_layout in the right pane. If you right-click that entry and select Edit key, a popup dialog should display an input field containing something like this:

    To get the layout used as default in the previous versions of Ubuntu, change it to the following text and then click OK.

    Hope this helps :)
  • i installed it via terminal, but im not understanding where to go to open the program, not sure where it downloaded to....
  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    In Fedora, which uses Gnome also, it is under Applications-->System Tools-->Configuration Editor. It should be the same in Ubuntu.
  • under applications, i dont have system tools.
  • jabirali
    jabirali Posts: 157
    Note that my original post included two commands: one to install the configuration editor, and one to launch it. You can simply type "gconf-editor" in a terminal to launch it :)

    Goingeasy9 was correct about the location of the configuration editor, but it seems like Ubuntu 10.04 for some reason hides it by default. To get it back in your menu, right-click the Applications menu, click Edit menu and select System Tools under Applications in the left pane of the menu editor. If you then, in the right-hand pane, click the check-box to the left of Configuration Editor, it should show up in the menu again.
  • okay, i dint realize those were separate commands, so if i just type the name of a app into the terminal i guess it launches it?

    learn something new everyday.

    thank you, its nicer now.

    thanks a ton for your guys help!!
  • jabirali
    jabirali Posts: 157
    I'm glad it worked out :)

    astromech_kuhns wrote:
    so if i just type the name of a app into the terminal i guess it launches it?
    Yes, that's correct. Try running "firefox google.com" or "gedit test.txt" in the terminal for some more examples.

    When you type a program name in the terminal, it will look for programs with that name in system directories like /usr/bin and try to launch them. Many of the standard commands like cat, ls, cp and rm, are in fact just programs from the system folder /bin.


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