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accidentally deleting something from the panel

I accidentally deleted the volume setting, skype 'online' notify, from the panel. I cannot find anywhere how to get it back or ???

Can someone please help me. Thanks so much!!


  • jabiralijabirali Posts: 157
    It shouldn't be that hard to get it back, but we need some more information in order to help you.

    For starters, what distribution are you using? Do you know if you are using Gnome or KDE?
  • karinakarina Posts: 4
    I am using Ubuntu 9.10, Gnome 2.28.1
  • jabiralijabirali Posts: 157
    Try right-clicking your panel, and select "Add to Panel" from the popup menu. Then select "Indicator Applet", and click "Add". Does that bring back the volume control and mail icon?

    I believe that Skype puts its notifier in the normal system tray, so to get it back you should add the applet "Notification Area" to your panel in the same way as you added the indicator applet, and then restart Skype.
  • karinakarina Posts: 4
    Thanks it only puts the email empathy thing up there
  • karinakarina Posts: 4
    i got it I got it I got it I just needed to complete read your message! I cant thank you enough!!! I am good to go now again. You have made my day better!
  • jabiralijabirali Posts: 157
    Hmm, I guess the volume control wasn't included in that applet before Ubuntu 10.04.

    In that case, can you try pressing Alt+F2 to bring up a "run application"-dialog, and then enter this command:

    That should add a volume control to your notification area. If it does, you can go to System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications in your menu in order to make the volume control show up automatically when you login.

    Oh, I see, so it did work.

    I'm glad I could be of assistance :)
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