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The Western Digital 1TB MyBook World Edition


I had been looking for a new storage solution for a while, and after hearing Linc @TLLTS at some episode, I decided to get the WD 1TB WE ("White Light"). For me, it was interesting that the box runs Linux. Mine seems to have BusyBox v1.1.1 and the kernel.

I run Ubuntu on most of my PCs, so I didn't bother to install any of the software that came with the box. On the White Light edition SSH access is enabled through the control panel/web interface. Then I could roam around via my terminal. http://mybookworld.wikidot.com/ has many great hacks for the box. I installed Optware which gave me more possibilities. For instance, I installed the Transmission daemon for downloading torrents.

I have seen in the /proto/SxM_webui/podcast - folder, that it seems to be some rudimentary podcast subscription and download tool. This is not implemented by default by WD though.

Since it has an ARM-processor, I was wondering if I should try to install other ARM-friendly distros on it. Perhaps some day.

OK - the short story is: A great toy for my home network.


  • woboyle
    woboyle Posts: 501
    Well, if it is running Linux and busybox, then you should be able to get the source code for the OS from the WD web site. I've been working with 2.6 kernels on ARM processors recently, and if you can get the tool chain along with the kernel source, then modifying the kernel to do stuff like adding more file system support (zfs, jfs, reiser, cifs, nfs etc) becomes quite trivial. I even build my kernels for the ARM on my x86_64 CentOS (RHEL) workstation.


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