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Removal of additional users accounts

Recently I upgraded to the new Kubuntu 10.04 version, which I find very nice and functionally stable. My problem is this:

During a disastrous experience with a virus, that severely crippled my email accounts in Linux, that made me having to perform an upgrade to the newer version I have presently installed, I created new user account windows, trying to find a session that was free of this infection, which turn out being no source of a resolution or fix to the system files that were corrupted.

I need to know how now to delete these extra windows. I have Enlightenment D17 which I want to keep. I also have these additions which I need to delete to regain valuable disk space:

Splunck Server

Administrator 822


There is one more, which has an odd name. Anyway, without going into detail of why I created them, I just need to get rid of them and keep only my Gnome, Ubuntu [ kubuntu and john822 ] set-up, as these are my logical mounted windows.

I have come a long way with Linux in a very short time, as I was a novice at the beginning, but now know what set ups are beneficial for me to have a stable operating system.

As I said, I just need to know how to delete these accounts without being asked why the Hell I made them in the first place. Thank You, John....:ohmy:



  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    The command userdel can be used to remove unneeded user that you created, but make sure to only remove the accounts you created, removing system accounts can render functions inoperable.

    You can also use the find command to locate files owned by the targeted users and remove them. an example of the syntax for the find command is "find /home/ -user user1 -t f -exec rmdir" and "find /home/ -user user1 -t d -exec rm, these commands will find all files(example1) and directories(example2) in /home/ that are owned by user1 and removes them.
  • jhaskins75
    jhaskins75 Posts: 128
    Thank you for a quick reply. I am not a wizard with this command thing, so bear with me. Is this the right way to enter the script: example; find /home/ -john822 adminstrator822 -t f -exec rmdir

    I am administrator / account holder " john822 " and the user account is " administrator822 "

    Or should I use my " Users and Group " program to disable the un needed accounts?
  • jhaskins75
    jhaskins75 Posts: 128
  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    find /home/-user administrator822 -t f -exec rmdir
  • jhaskins75
    jhaskins75 Posts: 128
    Thank you for your assistance in guiding me through the necessary steps to delete those extra accounts. I was able to effectively disable, as well as delete those additional accounts via my Users and Group account program without deleting any files associated with my main account.

    There is one question I need an answer to: I only use Kmail in Linux now, and I noticed that if I need to send mail from an internet site [ example: Craigslist., It will not open Kmail to send out that email address(s), but if I open a web browser in my other OS installed { Windows } I am able to send the mail out from an external internet site. The feature is checked and enabled in KMail settings. Just curious to why this may be?
  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    What you are referring to has to do with browser to window manager comparability and mail application settings. I use chrome and Gmail so I am inexperienced with your specific issue.
  • orcephrye
    orcephrye Posts: 9
    As mfillpot pointed out this has to do wit the settings in your browser. When you click on a link that opens up KMail or whatever its a "mailto:[email protected]" link.

    The way I know how to configure what action is taken in Firefox is to go to "Preferences" then to"Applications" and then scroll down to "mailto".

    I attached an image.

    I am yet unsure how to edit Chrome. :-(

    Please let me know if that helps! ^.^
  • jhaskins75
    jhaskins75 Posts: 128
    Thank you for the timely information. I applied the settings to my Mozilla Thunderbird account. K mail is just to eradicative. It had a feature that was not pleasing, as you had to always open your mail by having to use the check mail feature just to load it and it would not show the body of the content, unless you manually clicked on the arrow indicator. The text script was extremely small. But my web browsers detects Thunderbird as my default mail client and I have no further problems.

    I am still stuck with this issue using Virtual Box Ose with a mistaken snapshot of an original guess install, that refuses to be deleted. This is hampering me from installing the Sun version 3.1.6, which has the usb feature available, as the OSE version does not. There is basically no response from Virtual.org on any real solution accept some unintelligent replies. If i permanently delete virtual box in my synaptic manger as they say do, I risk the chance of deleting my good running guess set up. And when I did do this on my previous Ubuntu 9.10 install, before I upgraded to the Kubuntu 10.04, it still would not override the previous version of virtual box I had installed, saying it had to abort installation due to instances of the previous version being detected due to the ' snapshot ' and this was after I did a permanent uninstall of the OSE version, So I:laugh: left everything the same and just resolved that I will have to live with the features of the OSE version as it was upgraded to a 3.1.6 type without the usb feature when I upgraded to the 10.04 OS

    Can't win them all....................:laugh:


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