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How to change Mac Address on DiLink Wireless card?


Hello, I wonder how to change the mac address of my D-Link Wireless, used the following commands:

# Ifconfig ra0 down

# Ifconfig ra0 hw ether (MAC Intended)

# Ifconfig ra0 up

but does not work. Only works on XP. I want to receive the signal from my brother who lives next door, and only changing Mac address I can, as I did in XP. In XP I used a software to make it

Excuse my English, I am Brazilian and not dominate as well.

Thank you!


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    Your syntax seems correct I have the card shown in the picture and I was able to modify my MAC address with the following syntax:
    ifconfig ath0 down
    ifconfig ath0 hw ether {MAC}
    ifconfig ath0 up

    Have you confirmed that you are referencing the correct interface name and have you confirmed that the address has changed after entering the syntax?


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