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Help with graphics

I need help with a graphics driver for my laptop. The laptop is a Gateway nv52. It has a built in ati 3200 on board. I have started running ubuntu and everything works well but the games are slower than my ability to get linux under my belt. So, I need your help.


  • Y0g1121
    Y0g1121 Posts: 4
    Never mind, I got it. It was pretty easy in fact.
  • woboyle
    woboyle Posts: 501
    So, would you like to share? I can think of a couple of ways to deal with the graphics performance issue, but others may benefit from your experience.
  • Y0g1121
    Y0g1121 Posts: 4
    Ok, so I am new to Linux Ubuntu. I used to have yellowdog on ps3 until sony told me to f off. The work for the graphics was as easy as could be. I went to the amd/ati website at this link, http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/Pages/index.aspx
    Pick out your os and make sure your "OS." Then pick out your make and model of graphics card. Begin the download and wait until finished. After that I restarted my computer to get the driver to be read by linux so that i could install it. You must go to administrator and then hardware drivers and pick it out, then press apply. Let it do its thing. then you must restart again. Wham Bam Thank you mam. Also I did a little reading in ati's pdf files over how to install automatically and what not. fyi I am using 9.10 ubuntu on a gateway nv52 laptop.
  • altNull
    altNull Posts: 65
    Just a heads up, ATI drivers are not supported by the owners - AMD. They have pretty much refused to help out the community in developing or maintain drivers. For this reason, I suggest switching to nVidia simple because they will support their drivers.
  • Y0g1121
    Y0g1121 Posts: 4
    Oh but their drivers work just fine. My laptop and its 3d acceleration are proof. I do know that nvidia may give more support but the set up for my Ati radeon and its driver was so easy.


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