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Virtual Box Ose recognizing USB Devices

jhaskins75 Posts: 128

Extremely important...11.5.7 USB not working

If USB is not working on your Linux host, make sure that the current user is a member

of the vboxusers group. On older hosts, you need to make sure that the user has

permission to access the USB filesystem (usbfs), which VirtualBox relies on to retrieve

valid information about your host’s USB devices. The rest of this section only applies

to those older systems.

Note: The current rdesktop-vrdp implementation does not support accessing

USB devices through the sysfs!

As usbfs is a virtual filesystem, a chmod on /proc/bus/usb has no effect. The

permissions for usbfs can therefore only be changed by editing the /etc/fstab file.

For example, most Linux distributions have a user group called usb or similar, of

which the current user must be a member. To give all users of that group access to

usbfs, make sure the following line is present:

# 85 is the USB group

none /proc/bus/usb usbfs devgid=85,devmode=664 0 0

Replace 85 with the group ID that matches your system (search /etc/group for “usb”

or similar). Alternatively, if you don’t mind the security hole, give all users access to

USB by changing “664” to “666”.

The various distributions are very creative from which script the usbfs filesystem

is mounted. Sometimes the command is hidden in unexpected places.

For SuSE 10.0 the mount command is part of the udev configuration file

/etc/udev/rules.d/50-udev.rules. As this distribution has no user group called

usb, you may e.g. use the vboxusers group which was created by the VirtualBox

installer. Since group numbers are allocated dynamically, the following example uses

85 as a placeholder. Modify the line containing (a linebreak has been inserted to

improve readability)


First. I am so pisted over everytime I need to access an important file via, permission, I keep getting the " You are not the owner, access to these files and folders are denied ' It is clearly apparent that it is not my install cd to my printer that is the problem, It is the ability of VBox to recognize the USB port to send the information to the Virtual Window running Vista, that would allow it to sense my printer so the drivers can be completely installed after I plug in the USB cable and power up.

How can I find my Group ID???

It states-search /etc/group for "usb" or similar, which to a seasoned linux user, it makes sense. But to me, it is completely vague

Everything else seems to be working perfectly...[ The sound is horrible within the Vista virtual platform, but that is the lease of my concerns, sense I am doing this strictly for business application program access.

I have an external dvd writer pluged into my USB port, as this clearly tells me that Virtual Box OSE is not picking up the USB ports at all, for in it's list of device captures, it shows only those devices which are internally connected.

I have gone to the site of Virtualbox.org, and believe me, it is nowhere near professional support wise as you guys or linux.com community.

I know I must come off sometimes a pain in the ass, but I sure could use a precise answer, or the proper command that I can copy and paste to get the usb problem resolved

something else puzzling, when i completed the install of vista in the virtual environment, I immediately got an update / download of the Virtual Box 3.1.6 new realease version installed. But I do not want to make Linux the guess as it information for device capture is taken from my primary drive / info from my windows 7 setup and the bios associated with it.

I am going to KFC and get some chicken for dinner. I will return soon...Thank you, John


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