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New Linux GUI optimised for Tablets


First of all, let me tell you something: If it is money you want to start helping me, then you will get a fair share of any profit.

So, Picture This:

I am a 12 year old, dreaming in bed, and in my dream I have inspiration (where else would you get it from?).

My inspiration is for a new Tablet-Oriented GUI. I do NOT have a lot of money, and as such do not have a tablet, nevermind one that could think about running Linux. However, I am saving up for one, and the one that has caught my eye is £350. *gulp*

Forget about Tablets for a second.I do not have hardware capable of dual booting, that's how much memory I have used up with damned Windows. I don't want to sacrifice windows, I have Flash MX 2004 running on it and have lost the disk. Therefore, I cannot test builds on my own machines.

Ok, Remember Tablets now. I am not doing a plea for a tablet, but I am still going to go through what this tablet will need to have.


[li]Multi-Touch Screen (check)[/li]

[li]At least One USB port (so that you can boot linux to it) (check)[/li]

[li]Good Processor (check)[/li]


If out of interest you would like to know what exact tablet I am talking about, it is the HP Slate.

Now then, onto the real thing.

I am asking for one, two or more programmers to step up and volunteer to take design into reality. aka, either build ontop of a lightweight linux distribution or build a completely new one*. These programmers will need to have time on their hands, as I have heard (and know from the small amount of programming I do) that this is no easy task.

As an optional improvement to the video I am making, I think there should be Flash and Air. Otherwise people wont get rid of their HP Slate OS.

I have an image of a rough design of the desktop. Just click here.

I am working on a feeble attempt at a video aswell.

When the video is finished news will be posted here and I will PM people who have agreed to help.


*The linux distros I'm thinking we should build on are:


[li]Damn Small Linux (DSL)[/li]

[li]Ubuntu Netbook Remix[/li]

[li]Puppy Linux[/li]


If you feel there are more and/or better ones, reply, because even if you don't want to help, it will be useful to those who do.

If we create a completely new distro, we decide the name between all of us.


If we get profit, profit is shared equally.


If you agree to help, please say what job you would like to have:

Head of All: drnessie(This is to stop Producer from firing me)

Overall Producer: (Not taken by me as I have no idea how to run such a project)

Director: (Second to producer)

Design Head: drnessie (Can't argue: I made the design)

Second Design Head: (Can improve anyone's designs, answer questions if they're here and I'm not, etc.)

Designers: (For pure designing. Can be assigned to improve or create new from a template)

Programming Head: (In charge of all programming)

Second Programming Head: (Same as 2nd design head only with programming)

Programmers: (For pure programming, etc.)


I have tried (and probably failed) to keep this post formal.

plz help & thx in advance



  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    You have me really lost, are you just asking for a GUI to replace the GUI that is currently on your system or are you asking for developers to build "your goal GUI" on top of a Linux based system?
  • drnessie
    drnessie Posts: 2
    I am asking for help in creating a goal UI (GUI ;) ) Ontop of another linux OS.

    Ubuntu, Puppy Linux, DSL, Or a completely new one!

    The picture of what It might look like on the desktop is in the post above.

    Whatever happens, It needs to be multi-touch tablet oriented.
  • kushwahaji
    very niceB)


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