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post-installation problems w/ gateway e2000's


Here's my situation:

I have three machines that I am testing an installation of Ubuntu on for school. I have used Linux forever and pretty much installed it on everything but the kitchen sink.

With all three of these identical (Gateway e2000) machines, Ubuntu will install. Then it's a mixture of random crashes and sometimes have to restart three or four times (before GNOME loads) in order for it to actually boot and reach the desktop.

IS there some hardware issue? I've tried different CD drives, Hard disk drives,... could it be something with the particular motherboard??

What am I missing?


  • woboyle
    woboyle Posts: 501
    Have you looked at the BIOS settings? Newer machines have some peculiarities that need to be addressed, such as sata/pata drive settings, etc. Also, the "randomness" of the crashes may be hardware related. What is the video chipset used? What video driver are you running? What happens when you run a liveCD/DVD instead of trying a physical installation?


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