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How to Build a Slackware Package

mfillpot Posts: 2,177

Building a distro package is preferred over running a standard compile and install for most application because you want the resulting application of library to be properly referenced and manged through your package manager.

So, I figured it is time to share some good links and give the information necessary for new and experienced users to make their own packages of the various applications and libraries that they wish to use on their systems.

For information about making a Slackbuild script refer to http://www.slackwiki.org/Writing_A_SlackBuild_Script

To find recommended compile time agruements and see working scripts for examples you can look at the scripts on http://www.slackbuilds.org or look in the sources directory of your installation disk.

Once your scripts are complete you can submit them to http://www.slackbuilds.org to share them with the community.

If you are attempting to build a package and having issues feel free to ask for assistance here.


  • vonbiber
    vonbiber Posts: 28
    A while ago I wrote a slackbuild generator that creates a skeleton slackbuild.
    I use it whenever I need to build a slackware package from source.
    If the building follow the classic
    make install ...
    there are just minor adjustments to make, and the slackbuild is ready to use.
    What I always do is
    1. unpack the sources
    2. read the INSTALL, README, ... to check for specific install directives
    3. also check the Makefiles, etc., (see if DESTDIR, or something similar is used)...
    Sometimes you need to tweak some files (Makefile, source files, ...)
    4. I proceed step by step: see if the configuration part worked ok, then 'make ', etc.

    I posted the script here:


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